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Head of Creation, Founder

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Evelyn Hriberšek creates new worlds by the extraordinary conflation of art, opera, games and new technologies: Trendsetting projects, events and strategies for a new digital era across all industries and platforms. As director and Head of Creation she has received multiple awards for her transboundary works. Her productions aim at a new, radical, emotionally touching, individual experience for all kinds of visitors and break deliberately with conventional genre, audience and age structures. Therefore the artist explores current technological developments (i.a. Augmented Reality, Tracking, Mobile Communication) to create new sensuous presentations and modern platforms for individual confrontations as well as discussions. Her innovative art and game concept O.R.pheus caused a sensation with multiple nominations, e.g. &;German Game DeveloperAward 2012&&; and the &;German Computer Game Award 2013&; and was awarded as &;Kultur- und Kreativpilot Deutschland 2013&; by the German Government in Berlin. The artist also works as conceptioner and consultant for Cross- and Transmedia, Serious Games, Gamfiction, Edutainment, Virtual-, Mixed and Augmented Reality for companies, institutions and agencies, i.a. Capcom and 2K. Since 2013 Hriberšek writes and reportes about artistical and philosophical aspects, ethical and social challenges and the huge potential of virtual-analog future scenarios like Augmented Reality. Starting last year she teaches &;New Realities - Presentation forms for a new digital age&;&; at the University of Bayreuth.


Based on the myth, O.R.pheus questions the eternal human aspiration to overcome death and to use modern medicine as transcendent instrument. The potential of video games, opera and games via augmented reality is combined to a new kind of art: In an underground hospital of the 1950s, the beginning of plastic surgery, users can create a story  and bring rooms, pictures & figures to life – therefore visitors are quipped with an iPhone. The haptic experience of the venue is being augmented by virtual dimensions, barriers are broken down. The single player can create an exclusive, emotional and individual experience alone, limited in time and by exploring personal boundaries. O.R.pheus caused nation-wide extremely positive media resonance, attendees arrived from all over europe. With its transmedial concept, O.R.pheus deliberately broke with conventional audience and age structures (16 – 85 years!), united various educational and interest groups and mixed gaming culture with the contents/forms of opera and installation art in a new, innovative and playful way. The projects caused a sensation with multiple nominations, e.g. for  &;German Developer Game Award 2012&;, &;German Computer 2013&; (Best Serious Game), The Most Amazig Indie Games Award 2013&;, B3 Biennal Main Award 2013 (Transmedia) and was awarded as &;Kultur- und Kreativpilot Deutschland 2013&; by the German Government in Berlin. O.R.pheus therefore ranks among the 32 most exceptional start-up companies and the most visionary business concepts in Germany.

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