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Eric Angelillo

Double Stallion Games

Art Director

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Eric Angelillo was born & raised in sunny Montreal, Canada. He is currently the Art Director at Double Stallion Games. With a BAA in animation from Sheridan College, he has previously worked on a variety of projects such as an animated TV show pilot, music videos, skateboard designs and documentaries. His previous games experience spans a variety of medium to large studios such as Ubisoft, EA, Ludia and Gameloft. Outgoing and sociable, Eric enjoys cultural exchanges, nutrition, movies & fun.

Double Stallion Games

Double Stallion games is an independent game studio based in sunny Montréal, Canada. We specialize in bringing stylized and polished hand-drawn animated games to a wide variety of platforms via digital distribution. In Fall 2013 we launched our first title Big Action Mega Fight! after successfully completing the Execution Labs incubator program. BAMF! is an old-school beat-´em-up brawler where hilarious arcade fighting meets high-score action frenzy.We´re now working hard to design and develop our next games... Stay tuned!

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