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Eline Muijres

Dutch Game Garden

Communications Manager

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Short CV

Eline is Communications Manager at Dutch Game Garden, a game incubator and business center with 3 locations in the Netherlands. Eline has a background in PR, marketing, and production, previously at independent game studio Game Oven, known for Bounden and Fingle. With her experiences of the inner workings of a small game studio, she aims to spread knowledge about game business topics to indie developers. From her position at Dutch Game Garden, she supports and connects people by organizing various events, workshops, classes, and training sessions for game developers. 

Eline views games, or play in general, as an exciting form of art that is mostly unexplored, and loves to play alternative, experimental games. 

Dutch Game Garden

Dutch Game Garden is a game incubator and business center with 3 locations in the Netherlands. Its headquarters is conveniently located in the center of Utrecht and accommodates more than 30 companies in the game industry. Dutch Game Garden&;s incubation program helps promising game-startups develop into fully-functioning game companies. DGG offers individual coaching, events, team training, and open office hours with experts in the field of law, marketing, PR, monetization, publishing, accounting and HR.

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