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Eike Langbehn

Human-Computer Interaction, University of Hamburg

Research Associate

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Short CV

Eike Langbehn is a researcher, game developer, and doctoral candidate. He works at the Human-Computer Interaction group at Hamburg University on investigating perceptually-inspired locomotion user interfaces for virtual reality. Besides, he works on creating indie games. Before, Eike was a Unity3D developer at a Hamburg games company and founded total verpLANt e.V. He studied computer science in Oldenburg and Hamburg. Eike has produced a notable body of research with several research paper publications in renowned international conferences (e.g. IEEE VR, ACM VRST) and journals (e.g. IEEE TVCG, ACM TAP) in the field. Moreover, he is routinely giving talks at meetings and gatherings on virtual reality, game development, and related fields (e.g. PLAY Festival, Researching Games, VR Meetup).

Human-Computer Interaction, University of Hamburg

The HCI group of the University of Hamburg explores perceptually-inspired and (super-)natural forms of interaction in augmented, mixed and virtual reality to seamlessly couple the space where the flat 2D digital world meets the three dimensions we live in.

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