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Daniel Pots

VR Bits

Developer / 3d Artist / Media Guru

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Short CV

Daniel&;s a late starter! He discovered his passion for programming and especially making games in the first semester studying media informatics at HTW Dresden. Before that, all the Javas and C&;s of the world bored him to the max. When the Oculus Rift was announced his study group started a project around virtual reality with the universities markerless motion capture system and a self-made "Hackulus Rift" out of a tablet and an old shipping box. Ever since he&;s into virtual reality. Besides that he&;s also into making films and building interactive installations for museums.

VR Bits

VR Bits was founded in 2013 when we discovered the potential of virtual reality and we wanted to do something with it. The first product is DarkfieldVR, a coop space shooter specifically designed for VR. After a successful crowdfounding campaign, the game went to early access alpha. Additionally we&;re working on smaller games designed for mobile VR like Nighttime Terror smaller games designed for mobile virtual reality experiences. Inbetween we&;re making small VR experiences for the community like a walkable millenium falcon.

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