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Cornelia Geppert is the creative head of Jo-Mei GmbH, responsible for all aesthetic aspects of development and production as well as marketing and project management. An exceptional talent, she started out at age 17 as a comic artist at the biggest german Comic publisher “Steinchen für Steinchen” for the famous Comic series “Mosaik”. At age 20, she worked in Paris as a character designer/ storyboard artist and prop designer at the french animation company “Marathon” for the animated TV show “Mission Odyssey”. At 21, Cornelia Geppert got a scholarship at the Berlin GAMES ACADEMY and successfully graduated as an gamedesigner. She then worked as freelance artdirector / gamedesigner/ 3d artist/ character designer / animator for companies such as Ubisoft, BMW, Gazprom and more. In late 2009, she founded, together with her partner Boris Munser, her own Game Development Company Jo-Mei GmbH. Jo-Mei developed several successful free-to-play games for the german publisher Upjers. 2014 Jo-Mei got a funding from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg for a game prototype intendended to be released on PS4, Steam, Xbox one in 2015. Jo-Mei is already offical developer for Playstation.


Jo-Mei GmbH is an independent developer of Videogames. It was founded in November 2009 by Cornelia Geppert and Boris Munser who have been successfully working together as a team in the games industry since over 11 years Jo-Mei began with the development of game projects of various sizes for clients like Ubisoft, Volkswagen, BMW, German Telekom and Gazprom. Their first collaboration with one of the major german publishers of browser games, Upjers, was an online multiplayer dungeon crawler with roundbased PvE and PvP elements called KOYOTL. Realized in Flash in full 3D, it was released on April 18th 2011 and has been translated to 6 languages. In June 2011, Jo-Mei was able to return the development loan of the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg for their game “Galaxy Tales” (WT) ahead of time. According to Medienboard, they are the first game developers who managed to do that. February 2013, our 3D browser game “Brave little Beasties” started the closed beta. Due to the success of the previous game “Koyotl”, we were able to extend our collaboration with our publisher Upjers into another round. On Juli 13th 2013 “Brave little Beasties” was released and is still played today by a loyal fan community. In July 2014 we successfully got a new funding package from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg for a prototype for our first big independant Game with the working title “Solitude”, which is intended to be released on PS4, Steam and Xbox One. We are right now in the middle of the prototyping phase. Since November 1, 2014, our newest Production, “Monkey Bay” is in closed beta on browsers. Realized in Unity, it will be released in Q1 2015 on Web and mobile.

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