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Christopher Kassulke is CEO and co-founder of HandyGames™ ( Founded in 2000, HandyGames is one of the oldest developers of mobile games and experts in the mobile advertisement space. The company started out as a quality developer of feature phone games and fully transitioned to “mobile games 2.0”. With the mission “Beyond Mobile” the developer is reaching out to new platforms like PC and Consoles with its huge portfolio of blockbusters.



The company HandyGames was founded in 2000 by the brothers Christopher and Markus Kassulke and Udo Bausewein. HandyGames is still an owner-managed medium-sized company, although it is active in the high-tech and software industries. In 2006, HandyGames released its first free, ad-funded game and began the gradual transition to a largely ad-funded business model, effectively turning its game portfolio into an effective advertising platform. Since 2010, all new HandyGames titles are either free or freemium. HandyGames went "Beyond Mobile" in early 2012 and has since then released several games for PC and the Ouya console.

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