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CEO, Creative Director Christina helped various companies in turbulent situations during her time as M&A, IPO lawyer. Her studies and jobs led her around the world: She moved from Shanghai to Bristol, from New York to Katmandu. She brought all these experiences and insights into different cultures back to Germany, where she started her second career as author & filmmaker. Then she met her true vocation: Games. Christina worked from 2009 freelance in media. She - inter alia - helped create a study course at the „ifs internationale Filmschule Köln“ called „Mobile Media“, where professionals could create extraordinary and unique apps including a monetisation strategy. She kept herself busy with alternative formats, created a serious games series for a governmental organisation to fight youth unemployment and she won the 1st place of the Gameforge Newcomer Award for the Game „LabRATory“. Now - with Thoughtfish - she leads a developer studio for gamified apps and games.

Thoughtfish GmbH

Thoughtfish developes mobile games and gamified apps. This, with the strong believe that mobile products are not only software in need of adjustment to a small screen. That is why we play a lot with the intimicy these devices create and the knowledge, that your smartphones accompanies you everywhere. To give you a more thourough inside, here is what we did with Fightlings - our second title: EXPLORE/CRAFT/FIGHT Fightlings is a collectible card game with epic PVP fights, hundreds of creatures, and a unique twist for mobile devices. While fights are a tricky mixture of collectible card and memory game, exploring the world and finding new creatures is a game in itself. Creatures can be found all over the world. The REAL world! The nature of the creature to be found depends on the LOCATION the player visits while playing. But be aware: TIME and WEATHER also play an important role! With „Fightlings“ we wanted to gamify the world, the real world. To make you see it in another way. To explore old well-known location and make them awesome and interesting again. We want you to „Have Fun“, while doing your daily chores. Art, Technology and Game mechanisms are combined with the goal to motivate you to experience your daily routine as something special. Your way to work, doing grocery shopping or the never ending „Who takes the dog out“? Therefore every location is unique, as you can find things only there. Weather, Time and your surroundings also alter your gaming experience. COALA – our context aware location assessment technology, tells us, if you are on a playground while playing. Or at a cemetary by night at the witching hour. Or if it is raining while you are outdoors. So we can provide you with a unique experience, at all times of the day.

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