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A 26-year industry veteran, Chris Taylor has worked at Electronic Arts, Cavedog Entertainment, Gas Powered Games (GPG) and Wargaming.NET.  He served as the CEO and Creative Director at GPG for 15 years before selling the studio to Wargaming.NET (makers of World of Tanks) last year. GPG’s titles included the critically acclaimed and best-selling Dungeon Siege role-playing game series; the genre-defining, real-time-strategy game Supreme Commander; the innovative online RTS game Demigod; and, most recently, the history-based RTS game Age of Empires Online.  Chris is now the General Manager and Creative Director of the Wargaming Seattle studio where he and team are working on an unannounced title.


Wargaming Seattle is one of the latest studios to join the Wargaming.NET family.  Situated in Redmond, 30 minutes from Downtown Seattle, it is home to over 60 professional game developers.  Those who visit will recognize the office, as this is the same place where Gas Powered Games has spent the past 10 years, and many of the faces will also be familiar.  Chris Taylor is the General Manager and Creative Director of the Seattle studio.

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