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Chris Keeling

Wargaming Labs

Director of Product Vision

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Chris Keeling is the Director of Product Vision at Wargaming, directing the design and development on the reboot of the legendary Master of Orion 4X space strategy game for Wargaming’s WG Labs. Chris holds a Master's degree in Video Game Production and Design and has worked on such games as Panzer Elite, America's Army: Soldiers, America's Army: Operations, Twilight War: After the Fall, Order of War, and World of Tanks. He was previously the Program Manager of the Game Design Bachelor of Science program at Full Sail University, and is a retired soldier with 23 years of combined active and reserve service.

Wargaming Labs

WG Labs is an organizational unit within Wargaming that acts as a breeding ground for new ideas and solutions. We believe that people and companies with great ideas should be given an opportunity to shine and those with talent should be nurtured. WG Labs is aimed at testing and implementing innovative projects created within Wargaming or shared with us. It will generate, evaluate, and launch in-house products that go beyond the company’s paradigm, as well as support external development teams in game’s creation and publishing. Here we experiment with new game mechanics, platforms, services, business models, and help create new products in cooperation with third party developers. Wargaming will work with third party studios worldwide, publishing games across a number of platforms. We believe that good ideas become great when working together and are open for collaboration.  To learn more about WG Labs and also submit your project, please visit:

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