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Cay Kellinghusen

GSC GameScienceCenter GmbH

Project Manager

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Short CV

Cay Kellinghusen and Cyrill Etter met in 2005 during their education at the Games Academy in Berlin. After this, they both worked at Spellbound Entertainment in Offenburg. Their enthusiasm for games, new gadgets and love of crowdfunded technologies motivated them to start preparing the Game Science Center in 2013. The festive opening took place on September 1st, 2014. Cay Kellinghusen studied Information Systems and Game Programming. He and Cyrill worked together at Spellbound Entertainment. Of the two of them he is the planner and organized one. Together they founded the Game Science Center in February 2013.

GSC GameScienceCenter GmbH

The Game Science Center is a completely privately funded museum, run by a small team. At any time, you can buy a ticket to see over 20 installations on 300m2. The 3 halls will take you roughly 1.5 hours to go through, depending on how much you enjoy each exhibit. The things on offer are always changing to keep up with technological developments, so you will have something new to see each time you visit. With Game Science Center, founders Cay Kellinghusen and Cyrill Etter have created a platform for these exciting new ‘smaller’ projects. A museum that presents interactive technology in this way is unique in Europe. Actively trying out different ways of playing with computers is the most important factor: it lets visitors experience a piece of the future right now, without waiting or investing a lot of money for a prototype. Various installations show which new ways of controlling are currently in development and will in the future be available at home, through playing with interactive content and games. Other installations are unique pieces that can only be played in a bigger space. Besides new technological developments, Game Science Center works together with independent developers to show you innovative ways of using existing technology.

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