Bjoern Bergstein

Tivola Publishing

Head of Games

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Short CV

Bjoern Bergstein is Head of Games at Tivola Publishing - a company founded in 1995 with great experience in developing entertaining and educational games for families.
Coming from a totally different background, Bjoern originally entered the games industry by studying Game Design and Game Production. By founding his own individual development Studio “Bubo Games”, he paved the way for his game “LabRATory” to not only get nominated as Best Casual Mobile Game 2013 in Germany, but also to win the Newcomer Award 2012!

At Tivola, he first took the position of a Product Manager, but then quickly immersed in the field of Business Development. Now, as Head of Games, he is responsible for all products and partners. 

Tivola Publishing

Tivola is a German apps and games publisher whose name is broadly known for the successful merging of playing and learning. The company publishes games and apps based on its own renowned brands like PetWorld 3D, HorseWorld 3D and the Successfully Learning series.
Tivola has won nearly every prize in the digital children’s market. Since 2016 Tivola concentrates on mobile family entertainment only with a strong focus on animal games.

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