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Bernhard Ewers

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Short CV

Bernhard Ewers has been developing and supporting software, especially games on all platforms and systems, since the early days of the Commodore VC 20 and C64 home computers in the last millenium.

He is a highly experienced manager in the media and entertainment industry who is known for getting things done and having earned a reputation for making impossible projects work again. He loves to analyze process flow and adaption with realistic approaches and to develop new strategies in pragmatic ways.

Some stations:

  • Games industry "veteran" since 1989.
  • Experienced senior manager

Built up 4 own companies and one company as Managing Director. Lead several teams from 2 to 30 people in more than 20 game projectsSkilled in classic and modern approaches, worked with agile and SCRUM at several projects

Programmed more than 12 games, libraries and uncountable scripts in several projects. Creator of "Battle Isle" (BlueByte)

Had built up a complete Quality control company in Potsdam, Germany

Has lead a unity PC team at Limbic and produced a unity mobile title at Flaregames and Aeria Games.

Built and marketed the massively multiplayer middleware TinCat to arvato systems

Lead a team for in-game and server programming as well as IT technology for several titles like "The settlers" (Ubi Soft) or "Sacred 2" (Ascaron)

Created successfully the first german interactive TV show WildallTV for SWR

Language: German, grade A (native), English grade A. Both fluent in speech an writing

Worked with an international team composed of dozen nationalities at Flaregames and Aeria Games


instance four

Business performance and competitive advantage depend on knowing how to get projects done.

To achieve business results on time, within budget and according to quality standards, leaders must pay close attention to the fundamentals: knowing which methods work and which people do IT best.

Instance Four has been 20 years in business and offers producing and project consulting to get your projects done.

Including clients like BlueByte, Flaregames, Bertelsmann, SWR, Limbic, Ravensburger, Catan, Funatics, AeriaGames/ProSieben and many other we worked on over 50 projects since.

Our job: Managing complexity!

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