Benedikt Grindel

Ubisoft Blue Byte

Studio Manager

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Short CV

After acquiring a master degree in mathematics with business as a minor and starting his job career at a carpet manufacturer, Benedikt Grindel found out that you cannot just play computer and video games, you can even earn a living with them: In 1998 he joined the German subsidiary of French-based publisher Ubisoft Entertainment. After two years in marketing and one year in business development, Benedikt decided to change from selling games to making them: He moved to the creative development force as producer of the most prestigious German interactive entertainment brand „The Settlers“ at Ubisoft Blue Byte. After leading roles in development and operation, Benedikt is now managing the  studio. 

Ubisoft Blue Byte

Ubisoft Blue Byte is a leading games developer with a success story dating back over 25 years. The 300+ people at Ubisoft Blue Byte are working on their classic Settlers and Anno brands, and are involved in several AAA multiplatform productions for Ubisoft's signature brands. Ubisoft Blue Byte has two sites, one in Düsseldorf and one in Mainz.

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