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Audrey Tzakovski

Sproing interactive Media GmbH


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Short CV

After working in sales and purchasing in the fashion industry for several years, Audrey decided to pick up a new career path in Human Resources 5 years ago and stumbled into the fascinating world of the games industry. Working as the HR responsible at Sproing, she gets a lot of insight on how people in development studios work. Audrey&;s main responsibilities lie in recruitment, relocation and on-boarding and feel good management covering occupational health issues and arranging company events.

Sproing interactive Media GmbH

With nearly 90 employees, Sproing is Austria‘s leading game developer and since early 2014, a game publisher as well. As one of the foremost independent studios focused on the creation of multi-platform games, we have successfully shipped more than 55 retail games on all major platforms. In 2010 we began leveraging that experience to become a major creator of Free-to-Play games. Following the release of our first self-published game “Asterix & Friends”, we are now working on the RPG/MOBA crossover title “Sigils: Battle for Raios” for iOS, which will be released in early 2015 on iPad. Other projects still in the pipeline include an as yet unannounced AAA Free-to-Play game for a top tier publisher.

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