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Atul Mehra

Spearhead Games


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Atul is a co-founder of Spearhead Games in Montreal and has been working in the game industry for over 12 years in various roles as Development Manager and Development Director.  These roles over time have covered all the disciplines of game development and over the years he has helped shipped 9 AAA titles such as FIFA, Need For Speed, Army of Two and as well has shipped 3 indie titles Tiny Brains, ACE and Stories The Path of Destinies with Spearhead.

Spearhead Games

Spearhead is an independant Game development studio founded in 2012. We develop games for PC and Consoles. The team is made of passionate people with various levels of experience making games, from ancient seniors to promising rising stars. As our name implies, our mandate is to bring fresh and innovative ideas in our games, Spearheading what is possible in the medium. While indie, our games could be considered in the Triple-I category, in the sense that they are professionally made and aim to provide a top quality experience to our players. One of our defining characteristics is strong reliance on Design Methodology , which allows to reliably and efficiently achieve innovative and quality concepts. We do not work on a specific genre of games, although we are currently on a trend for single player action/adventure/rpg with a heavy focus on interactive storytelling.

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