Arief Widhiyasa

PT. Agate International

Chief Executive Officer

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Arief Widhiyasa is the founder and CEO of Agate Studio, a game development company that creates games to entertain people and to create impact in different area such as advertising, training, and education. Agate Studio now consist of 70 happy crews in Bandung, create more than 200 games, have more than 80 happy clients in serious games, and also have sister company in Jogja under name Agate Jogja. Arief Widhiyasa have a vision to bring Agate Studio as a leader and respected game company with world class standards in Indonesia.

PT. Agate International

Agate Studio is a game developer company based in Bandung. Established in 2009, the company is growing rapidly and has become the biggest game developers in Indonesia. Currently having 80 crews, and operates in 5 cities (3 countries, ID-SG-MY). The company motto is, "Live the Fun Way" with the belief that life will be better when there was excitement there; game is one of the means to achieve joy and happiness. Agate Studio has created more than 200 games, with various platforms and diverse destination.

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