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Short CV

As a professional composer and audio professional for over 12 years, Ari Pulkkinen has left a memorable mark in many award winning games such as Angry Birds, Trine -series, Resogun, AG Drive, Dead Nation, Outland and Super Stardust HD. His work in mobile and console games has now been heard by over two billion people around the world. Ari has gathered diplomas in Specialist Qualification in audio design and Advanced Game Producer studies. He&;s also studied Music Technology in a high valued Finnish institution, Sibelius Academy. Ari&;s most notable awards are Best PS4 Sound by IGN 2013 (Resogun), Best Video Game Soundtrack (Resogun) by Redbull Music and Best Finnish Video Game Soundtrack 2014 (Trine 2 Complete Edition). He was also awarded "The Best Finnish Game Developer" in 2011.

AriTunes Ltd

AriTunes is specialized in music and sound design for games. Founded by Ari Pulkkinen in 2008, AriTunes has been working on award winning original music and audio design for games such as Resogun, Angry Birds, Outland, Dead Nation, Trine -series, Super Stardust HD, AG Drive, Compass Point: West. IGN: Best PS4 Sound 2013 (Resogun), Redbull Music: Best Video Game Soundtrack 2014 (Resogun), Winner of Finnish Game Music Awards (Trine 2 Complete Edition)

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