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André Bernhardt is extensively experienced within the video games business as he has been a part of the German games industry for 18 years - online as well as offline and mobile. In the beginning of his career he was a producer for classical boxed console and PC-games business with the release of the Playstation 1 at Sony Computer Entertainment. Afterwards he was working for German publishers, e.g JoWood and Sunflowers, before joining RTL Games and focused on "next-gen" console publishing (PS3, X360, Wii, DS, etc.). In 2009 he joined Travian Games in Munich. 
Since 2012 he has been working as a freelance agent called IndieAdvisor, supporting developers to find a publisher and vice versa. He also teaches at different high schools and frequently lectures at games conferences. Together with his long-time companion Thorsten Unger he founded Target Games.​

Indie Advisor

Indie Advisor is meant as an reliable interface between small developers and publishers. If you need a gun for hire to pitch your title or you are looking for contacts regarding development or publishing deals and last but not least if you want to apply for government aid for your prototype or concept give him a call or drop an email.

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