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MeetToMatch is back

For the fourth year in a row, QUO VADIS and MeetToMatch have partnered to bring you the most effective way for doing business in the games industry. Through the online meeting platform, you can invite dozens of potential business partners to 30 minute, face-to-face meetings. After your invited partner confirms the meeting, your personal agenda is updated with a table number at the meeting venue, so you can meet during one of the three days of Quo Vadis.

Don’t miss your chance to meet that publisher, investor or developer of your dreams.

MeetToMatch benefits

 - Online meeting manager
Our online meeting manager contains profiles of all "MeetToMatch" participants. You can invite others through the system and let the meeting manager take care of your event schedule and meeting spaces. You can to block time slots that your have planned for conference sessions or lunch, so double bookings are impossible.

 - Personal matchmaker
Additionally to our online meeting manager, you are also assisted by a personal matchmaker who puts time and effort in getting your meeting invitations accepted. Suggest companies that are not participating yet or share the ones that keep declining a meeting invitation so the matchmaker can pursue your requests. 

 - Exclusive location with hosts
Meetings are held at a separate location at the venue, only accessible for participants of "MeetToMatch". At that location an open space with meeting tables is prepared for you to meet with potential business partners. During the event your personal matchmaker is at your disposal for some on-site matchmaking or even to help if you can’t remember where your next meeting takes place. With our services, all you need to do is to focus on your business pitch.

 - Early bird
The sooner you register for the event, the more time you have for inviting business partners, and the more time your matchmaker can spend on pursuing the right companies.

How to get access

Everyone with a business pass will receive access to the online meeting manager. The meeting manager will be available from February 1st; from that date onwards the login credentials will be supplied to valid tickets holders. If you have any questions about MeetToMatch at Quo Vadis, please select the MeetToMatch category in the dropdown of our contact form

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