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We proudly present games expert Noah Falstein as a speaker at Quo Vadis 2015 and judge at the “Best of Quo Vadis Show”!

Falstein is a seasoned game designer and producer who has accrued over 30 years of games industry experience working for such development heavyweights as Lucas Arts, 3DO and Dreamworks Interactive.

As Google’s Chief Game Designer, his talk at Quo Vadis will shed light on the latest advances in the field of “Transmogrified Reality”, a technology he describes as the seamless blending of reality with virtual images.
Falstein on his upcoming visit to Berlin: “It has been many years since I had the pleasure of speaking at Quo Vadis. I am particularly happy to be doing so again at this time, when a gratifying variety of game types and delivery platforms provide huge opportunities for developers.” At the “Best of Quo Vadis Show” he will focus on the capabilities and possible applications of “Transmogrified Reality” and how game developers can benefit from this new technology. 

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