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Indie Game Expo @ QUO VADIS: powered by CryEngine in co-op with Indie Arena

At the Indie Game Expo, up to 42 playable game projects will first be displayed to conference attendees, and later to visitors of the Making Games Festival. Games can be submitted* via the form below. We will pick the most promising out of all entries to be shown at QUO VADIS on invite - please note that we will ask for a small fee of 199€ (excl. VAT) per team in case of acceptance to cover our costs (compared to a ticket price for two business tickets of 1498€. (excl. VAT)). 
Indie Game Expo is an initiative by QUO VADIS, powered by CryEngine, in co-operation with Indie Arena.

We will provide you with seats and tables right within the QUO VADIS conference area which later changes to be the Making Games Festival showfloor - anything else, especially tech, has to be provided by each team. 
For the fee, two Business Tickets for team-members are included (non-transferable) and you are eligible for a MeetToMatch access. So you are able to be listed on the Matchmaking System and send out meeting requests. Read more about MeetToMatch here: MeetToMatch

*Submission deadline is March 19th 2017.

Submission Form

Follow this link to open the Signup-Form in a new tab: Indie Game Expo Submission

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