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Working Through the Great Firewall


Ed DiEoreo (Games Tech Advisors)
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"Working through the Great Firewall" - AKA GFW … What does the GFW mean? What are the implications for Distributed Dev Teams that share and transmit large digital files in and out of China? How buying Servers, Hosting and Network Bandwidth is very different than in the West … in so many ways when compared to China. How to use GPN and other Optimized Routing Proxy solutions in and out of China, Korea and Taiwan for high value assets and transactions. The complexity and control of the Chinese Internet. Review a few very common use cases in operating servers out of mainland China, Cyber Security considerations operating servers and network in mainland China.

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Ed DiEoreo
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"Working through the Great Firewall "Presentation is for any company that is either doing business in mainland China today or have plans to expand your games and applications into mainland China over the next year. "Working through the Great Firewall "Presentation is ideal for studios & publishers that have Distributed Dev Teams, Branch Offices and or Partners in China, that must share and transmit large digital files among one to one or one to many users … where the end-users are spread-out globally. "Working through the Great Firewall "Presentation is ideal for publishers to learn about the major performance differences in hosting game and application servers in mainland China for China end-users … than hosting game and application servers outside mainland China for China end-users thru the GFW and the performance implications.

Attendees will surely gain knowledge and an understanding from attending the "Working through the Great Firewall "Presentation of having games & applications being usable & playable for end-users in mainland China.

China is the largest & fastest growing market in the world with 100’s of millions of potential customers. All too often, businesses settle on going with a 2000ms - 3000ms high latency and low availability server hosting solutions … these lower cost hosting solutions often will not work or monetize very well, this is due to servers either being outside the GFW and or server traffic is running on oversubscribed networks.

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