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VR Netcode is Harder! VR + Multiplayer Challenges and Solutions


Christof Wegmann (Exit Games GmbH)
Oliver Eberlei (Holocafé)
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Putting two of the most challenging game experiences together is no easy task. As development for VR matures, real time feedback and other constraints becomes central, which also impacts the design and implementation of a suitable network synchronisation mechanism. In this talk we'll briefly discuss our experiences with netcode implementation strategies for VR, focusing on lessons learned, and highlighting what works and what doesn't.
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VR Developer, VR Producer

- A perspective of online multiplayer implementation strategies for VR (advantages/issues of each);
- Details and insights learned when using both lockstep/rollbacks and state transfer mechanisms for coding multiplayer VR experiences;
- A summary of what to look for and what to avoid in this context;

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