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VR / AR and All the Other Nonsense


Christina Barleben (Thoughtfish GmbH)
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The talk is about "us" believing that VR is the next big thing! VR Conferences spawning everywhere, whereas a title called "Pokémon Go" is making 3 Mio. Dollar every day and could transform a huge player base from non-playing to playing. AND is still "dismissed" as a phenomenon only possible because of the brand. In this talk, I take a deeper look into what AR is about, if our definition of what AR is should be altered. Why location based is working now - even if it was never successful in the last 5 years. And that "social" aspects - as seen in Pokémon - are more likely to be the next big thing than secluded VR.
Audience adressed: 
People interested in VR / AR Social Mechanisms involved / People who want to question definitions and approaches taken on AR gaming.

We experience a huge shift in what AR gaming can be and how a new target group can be unlocked.
There is much to learn from Pokémon Go. What I always hear is, that the success was only possible because of the Brand. But this is much to easy. Yes - the brand was one reason for the success. But only one. There is a need to make the other factors visible.

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Game Design
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