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Time is money! Are you the kind of conference attendee that is constantly on a tight schedule? You still want to listen to insightful talks and make new interesting discoveries? Then our new format, the 15 minute micro talks, are just for you. Don't miss out on these super fast speakers. 

The Future of Cardboard

Games have been with us for centuries, from those that emulate battles like Chess and Risk, to the intricate mysteries of Go. In the past decades the world of boardgames has growing in popularity, breaking into the mainstream with games like Catan. However the industry is generally staunchly traditional in the way it produces and markets it's ideas. Until recently. In this presentation I will look at how digital versions of games, tabletop simulators, app augmented games and kickstarter have changed the world of cardboard and look to the future to see where this may lead.


Audience adressed: 
Artists, game designers of all flavours…

10 Learnings from 10 Years of Funding Games in the Capital Region

Since Oktober 2016, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg is funding innovative audiosvisual content. In 10 years 201 projects were funded with roughly 9 million Euro - about half of the projects were games. The talk will give an overview of the main learnings - analyzing past projects to prepare for the future. And also help to clear up some common misconceptions about public funding.

Audience adressed: 
Anyone interested in insights and learnings of a funding institution.

Stand Out or Die – Importance of Identity if You Are Not a Big Fish

With every year it is more and more difficult to successfully release a game. Even companies with several positively acclaimed titles are struggling with new releases.

Audience adressed: 
Everyone interested, especially Indies.


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