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Vision Keeping 101: Keeping a game‘s vision while changing all it‘s pillars


Johannes Reithmann (Aesir Interactive GmbH)
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Changes to a game in the middle of production happen a lot, worsened many games, tore apart teams and have many reasons. Technical necessities, budget cuts, sudden stakeholder rulings, creative decisions, appearing competitors or a changing market - we had them all. Our game “Subsiege” (aka “Submerge”) was developed over the course of six years and changed from a PvE MMO to a PvP eSport title, from a Free-to-Play to a Premium business model and from a deep-sea creature to a humanoid nautical warfare setting – and don’t get me started about the name changes. How we still managed to keep the core vision alive, while one after another losing all the game’s core pillars, which measures we took to unify more separate game visions than there were team members, and how your vision keeping process can learn from our countless mistakes, will be covered in this talk.
Audience adressed: 
Creative directors, game designers, vision keepers, creative producers, project managers, team leads and all other professionals who want to aspire their teams and are tasked with creating, communicating and keeping a shared vision.

Learnings and examples of failed and working methods for
* creating, communicating and keeping a game vision, as well as
* managing vision changes,
mainly (but not only) using the example of the development of Subsiege.

Session Type: 
Game Design
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