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UX in Game Audio


Stefan Randelshofer (Blue Byte, a Ubisoft Studio)
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Game Audio is a very mighty tool in Game Development when you know how to use it. While good audio asset creation is still valuable for player experience, nowadays, the main focus of audio teams shifted towards interactive asset implementation (music, SFX and voiceovers) via an audio engine. This procedure however, has a lot of pitfalls and lures audio teams into losing themselves in an overloaded soundscape with a variety of unnecessary sounds that do not add value for the player anymore. Therefore, in order to maintain a good overview and to avoid this risk of sound clutter, game audio professionals should pursue structured and coherent concepts throughout the audio production. The main goal here, should be to maintain a logical user experience that guides the player through the game. Currently, recent usability studies mostly serve game designers and graphics artists to improve the overall user experience of a video game, but these findings can just as well benefit to the game’s soundscape, which will be demonstrated by the example of the Assassins Creed Identity soundscape.
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Audio guys UX interested guys Game Designer UX Designer


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Music & Sound
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