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Understanding Text with Deep Machine Learning


Sebastian Arnold (Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin)
Prof. Dr. Alexander Löser (Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin)
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A large number of people in the gaming community use written language to express sentiments and facts about players, walk-troughs, hints and new games. However, reading this text using machines and learn about gamers' demands is a difficult problem. In our talk we present deep machine learning techniques for understanding these semantics. For example, we introduce the DATEXIS Adaptive Entity Linking project where we utilize neural networks to extract structured data from domain-specific texts. We also demonstrate our research prototypes for market research, such as extraction-as-you-type, interactive review analysis and automatic generation of rare domain dictionaries. Finally, we give some insights into the scientific background and nuts and bolts we discovered when executing these algorithms efficiently on CUDA graphic cards.
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Code / Platforms / Tools
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2016-04-19 17:00
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