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Trends in Clan Systems: Across the Platforms


Leonard Frankel (ClanPlay)
Teut Weidemann (Online Entertainment)
Sebastian Fleer (Ubisoft Studio Blue Byte )
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Clan systems have become so widely popular, every game today could adopt this social layer to increase its engagement. In this panel we host several experts and intend to review the current clan trends in various platforms and intriguing genres that now boast guilds. We will also cover the pillars of creating an engaging clan system, the lift in KPIs and the challenges in adapting to various demographics.

Session Moderator

Leonard Frankel
Audience adressed: 
Game designers, producers, studio leads, business development professionals and community managers

Attendees will learn of the current trends in clan systems, what works in which platforms, which games with clans are killing it and which genres can properly serve clans

Session Type: 
Game Design
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