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Towards More Adaptive and Creative Artificial Intelligence in Games


Dr. Sebastian Risi (Center for Computer Games Research, IT University of Copenhagen)
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This talk reviews recent advances in neuroevolution (i.e. evolving artificial neural networks through evolutionary algorithms) and procedural content generation that are especially relevant for creative domains like games. Evolutionary computation offers unique affordances for game design that enables creating entirely new type of games. Examples of such games we developed include Petalz, in which users can evolve an unlimited amount of artificial flowers and then transfer them to the real world via 3D printing, and Artefacts, which is similar to Minecraft but allows players to evolve arbitrary 3D buildings blocks together with others. Given their explorative nature, evolutionary algorithms also enable new ways for humans and machines to collaborate to easily create NPC behaviours. I will show how casual users can create NPC controllers for the Super Mario Game without any domain or programming knowledge.
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People with an interest in artificial intelligence.

How recent advances in artificial intelligence research can allow new types of games to be created and can facilitate the creation of NPC behaviours.

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