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Successful Kickstarter! What now?


Michael Schade (ROCKFISH Games GmbH)
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Congrats! You did a successful Kickstarter, money is about to pour in soon and publishers will line up to sign a deal with you. Well, maybe not as soon and as much as you think. Michael Schade, CEO of ROCKFISH Games, will share useful insights about their odyssey trying to find a publisher after their wildly successful Kickstarter for EVERSPACE, how they managed to fund the completion of development themselves and self-published the game on Steam Early Access and Xbox One Game Preview with great success, eventually. This talk works in large parts even if you haven't done or intend to do a Kickstarter.
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This talk is mainly for indie devs and small to mid-sized studios who are interested in crowdfunding beyond Kickstarter, private funding and self-publishing in general.

Attendees will learn how to set expectations right when talking to publishers, how to structure private funding, avoiding pitfals when running an online shop to sell game copies to consumers directly, dealing with platform owners, performance of ads on different channels as well as pricing and content update strategies.

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