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State of the European Games Industry and a Look into the Crystal Ball


Jakub Marszałkowski (Game Industry Conference / Indie Games Polska)
Jon Hare (Tower Studios Ltd)
Tom Putzki (Tom Putzki Consulting /
Stefan Marcinek (ASSEMBLE Entertainment GmbH)
Ville Rauma (Fingersoft)
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The panel will discuss how the games business changed the last years and what´s important nowadays to be succesful as a publisher or developer in the future. It will also take a look at the different regions, how they are doing within the European Union and whether there are more opportunities or needs to work together regarding the strenght of Asia and the US. Expect some great insights from the panelists that have an outstanding experience within the games industry in Poland, Germany, Finland and the UK. And don´t forget to join the discussion and ask your questions later on.

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Tom Putzki
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Everyone interested in the future of the European games industry.

Take some time and listen to the experts to rethink what you should be doing to keep being successful in the future.

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