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Star Citizen: The Unique Challenges of a Huge Crowdfunded Project


Brian Chambers (Foundry 42 - Frankfurt)
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Star Citizen is the top crowdfunded project ever. But its success today never would have happened without a completely invested and passionate community that is helping mold and shape the game alongside the Global Development team. Join Brian Chambers, the Development Director of Foundry 42 Frankfurt, as he discusses the process of building the ever-growing legion of Star Citizen fans and backers which currently stands at more than 1.7 million. He’ll discuss some of the unique challenges and the processes they’ve put in place to help feed Star Citizen’s fervent fan base with content as the game continues its daily development journey.
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Game developers of all backgrounds and experience levels, especially those interested in crowdfunding and community engagement.

An in depth understanding of how Star Citizen engages with its community on a daily basis, the success we’ve had, that challenges we face, and what it all means to development.

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