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Sound in the Shadows - How We Created Shadow Tactics' Music and SFX


Filippo Beck Peccoz (FBPSound)
Philipp Sellier (Solid Sound)
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Filippo Beck Peccoz (FBPSound) and Philipp Sellier (Solid Sound) talk about making music and sound for Mimimi Productions' latest game, "Shadow Tactics". This 20+ hour game features over 70 minutes of music, an interactive score system, voiceover in English and Japanese and several thousand sound effect assets. From recording traditional Japanese instruments to implementing the sound in Unity, attendees will gain insight on the creative process and the technical part of producing audio for the game, This talk might include free Ninja swag, too.. ;D
Audience adressed: 
Any game developer who is interested in learning more about the process, the possible pitfalls and the joy of making audio for games are more than welcome. Sound Designers and composers wishing to hear about the production of a game such as Shadow Tactics from start to finish are also kept in mind. Developers who work with Unity and would like to know how the new audio features behave in "real life". Last but not least, anyone interested in the creative process of composing interactive music (themes, layer systems, where to make the music change etc.) will love this talk.

Guests will leave with a deep knowledge of how a game like Shadow Tactics has been produced audio-wise. They will gain insight on our workflow, tools used, and the thought-process that went into creating the soundscapes and the dynamic music in the game.
Also, audio designers interested in working with external musicians, getting to know the Unity 5 Mixer better and "handling" a bigger project will get lots of tips.

There might also be some free Ninja-Goodies to pick up ;D

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Music & Sound
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