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From Some Games to the Games: Where Entertainment Branches Intersect


Ronny Burkersroda (Media Seasons)
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We used our game technology to create applications for sport shows on TV, generated revenues that way and cross-financed game productions in turn. And in the near future we will make our specially designed live software available for the gaming and streaming sectors. Come to this talk and I will show you how games, events and broadcast can interrelate and benefit from one another!
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- People, who are interested in entertainment sectors outside of pure computer games - People, who want to hear about experiences that may differ to their own - People, who like to know how game technology is used in other fields - Groups: developers, producers, studio management

There are sectors, which can share resources with game development, and the you may use their experience, tools and assets to diversify and secure revenues. I will also show how your projects can possibly benefit from our software.

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