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Re-claiming the Narrative - Responsibility of Games in Cultural Discourse


Lena Falkenhagen (
Michael Liebe (Booster Space)
Falko Löffler (Freelance Writer)
Felix Schniz (AAU Klagenfurt)
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Narratives manipulate the masses. In the past years of the post-factual era, not facts win elections, narratives do. Even in politics, narratives are all that count. Do games as part of the mediascope have a responsibility to reclaim the narrative in culture? Do we as game developers have a responsibility to promote free thinking and create spaces for renewal and cultural change? And if narratives manipulate the masses, are games part of that problem and can they be used to stem that tide? And should they?

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Lena Falkenhagen
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Game developers and designers interested in the cultural outcome and impact of their work.

Discourse about the responsibilities of games in media, cultural discourse and maybe even politics.

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