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Rapid UI Creation using Data Binding in Unity


Stephan Dilly (InnoGames)
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Modern application development architectures often use user interface patterns like Model-View-Controller and Model-View-ViewModel, which provide a clear structure for both developer and artist workflows, and direct support in the IDE. However, the current status quo in mobile game development utilizes engines like Unity3D which do not have native support for similar workflows. This results in a more error-prone and redundant user interface development workflow, where artists create a user interface remotely and developers have to mimic it in the engine. This talk shows how to apply modern development architectures to Unity3D, allowing developers and artists to focus each on their expertise and still have the results align in harmony. By applying proven concepts, these modern developments allow each party to work independently while still being able to test their own work at all times.
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Attendees with an intermediate level of experience with user interface architectures. Source code will be presented, so attendees who are familiar with object-oriented programming in C# will receive most value.

Stephan Dilly will describe the reusable user interface architecture developed for InnoGames mobile games. It provides Unity3D based games a flexible way to design, code and test user interfaces without team members interfering with each other.

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