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Quantifying the User Experience: The ROI of UX Research


Dr. Graham McAllister (Player Research)
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Which studio doesn’t want to increase development efficiency, deliver better games, and see higher revenues? This is the function of UX Research. However there is a cost, and for many studios they have difficulty calculating the return on investment (ROI). A common question asked is, “If we spend $1 on this, what do we get back?”. A sensible question it would seem, however asking it and expecting a number in return is a mistake. This talk will show how to reconcile the tricky question of the ROI of UX.
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This talk is relevant to ALL levels within a studio - business, producers, programmers etc, as it impacts the whole team. However, budget holders and investors may find it most useful.

Attendees will takeaway the following practical advice:
- How UX Research helps to deliver better games which make higher revenues. -
- How to build a successful studio which repeatedly makes hit games.
- ROI doesn't have to be a number, it’s about meeting your core values and goals as a studio.

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