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Prototyping@Studio Fizbin - How to f... up on Purpose


Sebastian Mittag (Studio Fizbin GmbH)
Alexander Pieper (Studio Fizbin)
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Through the years, prototyping became one of the most important tools for Studio Fizbin. Within our tight schedules and budgets, it even grew to something indispensable. We love to use cardboard and scotch tape, as well as rapid digital prototypes. Because they enable us to effectively test a lot in the pre-production phase: What is the perfect touch input for a young audience? How does the interface for a 12 sqm game-table work? Are your adventure-puzzles clever? And can we even find new employees through Gamejams?
Audience adressed: 
Producers, Creative Directors, Game Designers, Indie-Developers and Students who work on any kind of interactive project. Prototyping should be used in small student projects, but also in large studio productions.

By sharing our experiences in a number of very diverse projects, you will learn about the possibilities of digital and analogous prototyping, to make your projects more flexible, creative, iterative and more time-efficient. Get inspired what prototyping could be used for in your context. Dare to fail with your ideas in this safe environment, so you can iterate faster.

Session Type: 
Game Design
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