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Promoting Your App for Organic Growth - Building Appstore Pages and Promo Videos that Are Worth Seeing


Michael Hines (
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Over half of your downloads will come from organic sources, that is, downloads you don’t pay for. You can maximize the number of downloads you get when people see your app’s product page in an Appstore by having a page worth seeing! I’ll share some simple guidelines that are too often overlooked, and show you how to avoid a few really, really bad mistakes! I’ll share the best practices we’ve seen work for developers in the Amazon Appstore, back it up with data from 3rd party sources, and I'll show you how these tips actually wokred for one of my apps.
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Any developer not currently working with a publisher who optimizes their product listing, or developers who make their own icons and promo videos.

What the worst practices are in building a product listing.
How to avoid looking like an amature developer on your product listing.
How to optimize your Icon, Video, Description, and Screenshots (with examples and data).
How these practices actually worked for a real-world indie dev (with before and after data).

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