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PR and Business Lessons Learned from Launching the Episodic Game 'The Lion’s Song'


Gregor Eigner (Mipumi Games)
Thomas Reisenegger (ICO Partners)
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This talk will give an insight in methods and actions we used for the PR of our episodic game The Lion’s Song. Thomas will highlight the decision-making process from an agency perspective, explain how ICO supported Mipumi and which PR actions were useful and which ones weren’t. Gregor will explain how taking care of PR affected the game and the business decisions behind the game development.
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Intermediate; we target the management, PR, production and outsourcing departments. The audience should have an understanding of game development production and basic PR knowledge.

The speakers will share with you the experience working in a PR collaboration for an episodic indie game. We will show the process from PR ideas to execution while also explaining the lessons they've learnt on the way.

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