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Planetoid Pioneers 'Pre-Mortem' - Writing a Recipe for Slow-Cooking Games


Vlad Micu (Data Realms)
Jeroen van Hasselt (Data Realms/Vogelsap)
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Our team at Data Realms is in our 8th year working on Planetoid Pioneers. Join us in an in-depth look at the ingredients for slow-cooking games that features icing with iteration, peppered pivoting, team tasting and money mashing.
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Independent game developers who want to aspire to work on 'triple III' titles with a bigger scope, budget and long term vision.

This pre-mortem is intended to share Data Realms’ challenges in pushing the boundaries of releasing an Early Access game. The post mortem will offer the necessary advise, learned lessons, numbers and insights from launching a user-generated content driven game on Steam Early Access.

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