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Orwell - The Development of a Privacy Invasion Thriller


Mel Taylor (Osmotic Studios)
Daniel Marx (Osmotic Studios)
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Osmotic Studio's recently released debut Orwell, a Privacy Invasion Thriller about online surveillance, tells a story in a very unique and very personal way: indirectly and through information on online profiles, dialogues in calls and messages and other personal digital documents belonging to the eclectic characters. Although it is told solely through online data, Orwell has emotionally moved many players worldwide. Daniel Marx and Melanie Taylor of Osmotic Studios will talk about obstacles, successes, regresses and important game design decisions throughout the development of Orwell.
Audience adressed: 
Game developers, especially smaller indie teams and teams that are making narrative-driven games.

We think this talk would benefit other game development teams that are only just getting started as well as teams that have been around for a while, especially regarding ideas on how to approach the development of narrative games in terms of design as well as funding and marketing.

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Game Design
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