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Moving Forward by Postmortems


Atul Mehra (Spearhead Games)
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Yes we made a game and then we really learnt what it meant to make a game as an independent studio. This session is a brief list of lessons learnt from the adventures of Spearhead Games team. A look into the post mortems of three games and how each influenced the subsequent one, and as well what it meant to implement the changes and watching some of them blowing up in our faces. And finally how a strong local community has guided us to where we are today and given us a launching pad for the future.
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Primarily this is for audience who a) Want to hear and learn from our mistakes b) Want to review their own productions to see how they can allow for more ownership c) Understand how to work within their community to build a supporting infrastructure for all indie studios.

Major Take aways
1) Lessons from Post mortem from our 3 games
2) Production adjustments to fuel creativity and ownership
3) Importance and impact of a +ve echo system that can help studios achieve more

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