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Lessons Learned: Eyetracking and Alternative Input Devices


Julian Mautner (stillalive studios GmbH)
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The session will go into details about the alternative input devices integrated into the released game: Son of Nor. Namely: Tobii eye-tracking, Intel RealSense depth camera, Emotiv EPOC brain computer interface and briefly the Oculus Rift. The lessons the team learned integrating these devices, the associated advantages of each and the common pitfalls for them form the central piece of the talk. In the end the speaker will give an overview of the benefits these gadgets added to the game experience and how well they combined with one another.
Audience adressed: 
Mainly for technicians and game designers, but basically for everyone interested in alternative input devices and how those can improve a game experience with little effort. The session will not go into technical implementation details, but rather focus on a broad picture, the advantages and disadvantages and common use cases of every device.

The audience will get a better understanding of the alternative input-devices presented: eye tracking, depth camera and brain computer interface. For every device, the challenges involved that need to be overcome and approaches to do so. Additionally, concrete strengths and weaknesses in a general use case of every device.
Ultimately everyone should have a fair understanding of what is possible with the devices and methods presented, and how they can be used the enhance many game experiences.

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Game Design
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