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Learning to Win -- Deep Neural Networks in Games


Dr. Sascha Lange (PSIORI)
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Long considered a dead research field, the field of Artificial Neural Networks has been revived by a few clever ideas, causing a real hype ten years later; about Deep Learning but also about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in general. This talk will not only outline the central ideas behind Deep Learning and the inevitable impact it is going to have on Games, but also detail the reciprocal effect which Electronic Games had on Artificial Intelligence Research; as a constant source of inspiration and also as a controlled test bed for competing with human intelligence.
Audience adressed: 

- Core Ideas behind Deep Learning
- Deep (Convolutional) Neural Networks for images
- Deep Reinforcement Learning for learning to act (and play)
- Structured Data is an (unsolved) problem to Deep Learning
- Ideas for applying Deep Learning in Games
- Machine Learning rocks.

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Code / Platforms / Tools
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2016-04-19 10:00
Channel 5

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