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Lean Game Development: MVP in 8 Weeks, True Player-Centric Iterations Forever


Janosch Sadowski (Fluffy Fairy Games )
Daniel Stammler (Fluffy Fairy Games)
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We're a successful mobile f2p games start-up at a time when bigger German developers consider this marketplace too competetive. We strongly believe that our success stems from our unique, hands-on, player-centric, lean approach and believe other devs could benefit
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F2P mobile game companies

How can you get 2.5 million downloads without spending anything for marketing?
How can you develop a mobile game with a 75% day one retention in 2 months with 3 people?
How can you stay lean after earning a decent amount of money and hiring 10 employees?
Why do most gaming companies fail?
How to release one update per week?
What can we learn from companies like dropbox and airbnb?
How to enable your players to be your game designers

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