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You're a small dev team? Request a special offer for MeetToMatch!

For the third year in a row, QUO VADIS and MeetToMatch have partnered to bring you the most effective way for doing business in the games industry. Through the online meeting platform, you can invite dozens of potential business partners to 30 minute, face-to-face meetings. After your invited partner confirms the meeting, your personal agenda is updated with a table number at the meeting venue, so you can meet during one of the three days of Quo Vadis. Don’t miss your chance to meet that publisher, investor or developer of your dreams.

For small developer teams we have a special welcome offer*. Please get in touch with Jerome Liebertz (

*We reserve the right to reject a request.

Everyone with a business pass will receive access to the online meeting manager. The meeting manager will be available from February 1st; from that date onwards the login credentials will be supplied to valid tickets holders. If you have any questions about MeetToMatch at Quo Vadis, please select the MeetToMatch category in the dropdown of our contact form

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Tickets for the Golem Tech Summit are available now!


Connecting worlds - How cutting edge IT influences game design" is the motto of this years Golem Tech Summit at QUO VADIS. The technical aspects of game development, multimedia applications as well as Virtual and Augmented Reality are in the focus of this year’s Tech Summit. The tentative list of talks is online here.

The summit programm is curated by, germany’s renowned news magazine for IT experts. Specialists in game engines, programming and general IT professionals will give lectures on the current trends in programming, the systematic creation of assets and about solutions for artificial worlds. 

Sessions on Artificial Intelligence and Rapid UI Creation

The Golem Tech Summit will contain around 15 lectures. Sebastian Risi (IT University of Copenhagen) will talk about „Adaptive and Creative Artificial Intelligence in Games“. Stephan Dilly (Head of Engeneering at Innogames), will explicate on „Data Binding Architectures for Rapid UI Creation in Unity“, and Dominic Eskofiert (Nvidia) elaborates on the topic of „How to render faster for Virtual Reality“. 




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