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Internet of Things and Gaming Technologies - How Does the Games Industry Benefit from the Digital Change?


Thorsten Unger (Wegesrand)
Dr. Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen (Serious Games Interactive)
Jan Willem Huisman (Ijsfontein)
Dr. Stefan Göbel (TU Darmstadt)
Markus Herkersdorf (TriCAT GmbH)
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The Internet of Things (IoT) and digital transformation will revolutionize the whole society. People will use big data, augmented reality, 3D-printing and many other technologies as daily setup. The speakers of "Serious Games Track @ QUO VADIS 2017" will discuss with Thorsten Unger, founder of innovation think tank Wegesrand, how IoT will effect the games industry. And even more: How will game technology and the philosophy of games affect and influence the way we live and work?

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Thorsten Unger
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Serious Game Track Pass holders and QUO VADIS attendees interested in the summarizing panel discussion of the Serious Games Track.

Get up to date with the latest innovations regarding serious games.

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